Course Description: Posture is the foundation of function and movement and the Postural Performance Level 1 teaches the essential knowledge to effectively assess and analyze an individuals posture, visuomotor function and temporomandibular joint function while also providing some of the foundational skills required to address and findings. Level 1: Module A builds the foundation for both the practitioner and therapists programs and can be used taken to be applied towards either practitioner or therapists programs. Learning objectives: 1. Advanced Postural Analysis 2. Visuomotor Function Assessment 3. Temporomandibular Joint Assessment 4. Corrective Protocols for Visuomotor Function Pre-Requisites: Base knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Recommended Resources: A text book manual will be provided as part of this course. 3D4Medical Essential Anatomy 5 or 3D4Medical Complete Anatomy 3D4Medical Eye- Practical Date/Time: Sunday 11th June 9am-6pm & Sunday 18th June 9am-6pm, 2017 (2 Days) Location: Level 1B, 3 Railway Street, Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand. Placements: Only 12 positions available for this course to maintain a high level of teaching quality. Investment: Early Bird $499 (NZD) before June 4th, 2017. $599 (NZD) after June 4th, 2017. Early Bird $499 (NZD) before June 4th, 2017
Early Bird $499 (NZD) before June 4th, 2017